CT960-The Allrounder for Complex Grinding Jobs


CT960-The Allrounder for Complex Grinding Jobs


The CT960 is a high-end universal internal cylindrical grinding machine with a B-axis swiveling to 91° and a four-spindle turret. It is suitable for both general grinding tasks and particularly for grinding complex workpieces in toolmaking. The optimal stability and rigidity of the machine enable finish-grinding of workpieces in polished surface quality.

  • Spindle turret for 4 grinding spindles (four internal spindles or three internal and one external spindle)
  • B-axis with automatic swiveling range of +60° / -91°
  • C axis for the workhead for form and thread grinding
  • Full enclosure with sliding door
  • Measuring probe
  • Various dressing options
  • Manual A axis for precise thread grinding
  • Operator interface with HMI-SimCT simulation software
  • Wide range of clamping devices and accessories 
  • Standardised interface for loader and peripheral devices

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