Acuwire-L Wire Honing Machine

Acuwire-l Wire Honing Machine .jpg
Acuwire-l Wire Honing Machine .jpg

Acuwire-L Wire Honing Machine



bore size range

inch 0.016” - 0.080”
metric 0.400 mm - 2.000 mm

max. OD of part

inch 0.400”
metric 20.0 mm
(customized solutions are available for larger diameters)

usable arbor length (wire-DSM length)

inch 11 1/2”
metric 300 mm

wire-DSM process control

NC control Siemens Simatic S7-200
user interface Siemens Touch Screen
(other user interfaces are available on request)

wire-DSM spindle motor

rpm500 - 4000 stageless

electrical specifications

voltage200V - 230V

frequency50Hz - 60Hz



inch (LxHxW)64” x 57” x 26”

metric (LxHxW)1600 x 1430 x 650 mm


300kg / 660lbs.


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