Acuwire-S Wire Honing Machine

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Acuwire-S Wire Honing Machine .jpg

Acuwire-S Wire Honing Machine





The acuwire-S machine was developed for the precise machining of bores on workpieces with inside diameters from 0.04 mm up to about 0.8 mm. A wide range of materials such as PCD, sapphire, ruby, technical ceramics, tungsten carbide, steel, medical alloys, etc. can be machined with a precision of up to 0.001 mm.

Advantages for the user of acuwire-S in comparison with FineHone 250 / 600

  • Newest innovative technologies
  • High productivity
  • A wide honing range 0.04 – 0.80 (replaces two machines)
  • All parameters can be stored
  • Control offers many new possibilities
  • Various production processes possible
  • Individual stop, selectable work lengths, i.e. exact position on wire can be set and therefore different finish diameters can be produced with the same wire
  • Innovative menu guidance
  • Intuitive operator guidance
  • Simple, user-friendly operation
  • Lower operating expenses
  • Modern technology guaranteeing energy efficiency
  • Without the use of pneumatic (most expensive energy)
  • Statistics of latest processed parts can be checked and/or looked-up
  • Modern and ergonomic design
  • Quiet operation
  • Well lit workarea


(LxHxW)1030 x 710 x 475 mm
(without base)

1030 x 1510 x 475 mm
(with base)

Technical data

voltage200V - 230V

frequency50Hz - 60Hz

Maximum honing length250 mm

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