FlexGrind M

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FlexGrind M


Thanks to its modular design, the FlexGrind M is the ideal universal cylindrical grinding machine for the flexible production of long and heavy workpieces. With nine wheelhead variants, a wide variety of applications are possible for machine tools and vehicle manufacture.

Machine description:

  • Flexible universal cylindrical grinding machines with grinding lengths up to max. 4000 mm, height of centres 310 mm
  • High-precision machining of large, heavy workpieces
  • Production reliability thanks to complete machining in a single clamping
  • High-precision B-axis with swivel angle of -45° to +225°
  • Scraped vee-flat guideway in the Z-axis
  • Precise positioning with feed accuracies <0.5 μm
  • Gauged grinding with DIATRONIC 22 diameter and length measuring system
  • Backlash-free workpiece drive for highest precision
  • Low unit costs thanks to short machining and set-up times
  • High availability and minimal maintenance requirement
  • Highest safety standard and fulfillment of environmental requirements thanks to complete enclosure of the machine

Technical Data: 

  • Grinding length mm 1,000/2,000/3,000/4,000
  • Height of centres mm 260/310
  • Grinding wheel diameter, max.   mm 600/750
  • Grinding wheel width, max. mm 125/200
  • Grinding wheel driving power, max.     kW  30
  • Workpiece weight, max. kg  1,200
  • Sinumerik 840 D control system


B-axis variant (1-2 grinding spindles, 1 internal grinding spindle) 

DIATRONIC 22 absolute measuring head

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