Cross Manufacturing & Diskus ‘Both-Sides’ of a Grinding Success Story

Although a relatively uncommon grinding technique, Double-Disc Grinding is an extremely effective grinding method. The highly effective technique is able to achieve flatness, dimensional tolerances and parallelism results of up to xxxx um and also to half the cost of pre-machining.

By utilising two opposing wheels to simultaneously grind both sides of a workpiece in a single efficient operation, Double-Disc Grinding removes equal amounts of material from both surfaces of the part being machined and provides superior surface finish results on both ferrous alloys and aluminium components. In addition, as a smaller amount of residual stress is imparted though this very effective grinding technique, it also improves material stability throughout subsequent operations.

Double-Disc Grinding now is well established as the most advantageous method for the grinding parts such as piston rings. High-volume or automated Double-Disc Grinding also provides cost effective thickness sizing for small parts such as fine blanked stamped, die cast, and sintered metal parts..

Having pioneered many advanced developments within the area, for many years the renowned Diskus Company is regarded as one of the world leaders in the design and production of high quality Double Side Face Grinding Machines. Diskus users are guaranteed dimensional accuracy within the micrometer range, and exceptional surface finish figures.

Developed by Diskus, a unique feature of the company’s Double Side Face Grinding Machines is its renowned Ionic process control that is able tomeasure in-process differences in thickness variations up to 0.1µm (0.0001mm). The versatility of the advanced sub-micron in-process control system is legendary. Ionic can be used independently of various processes such as plunge cut grinding, through-feed grinding, through-feed plunge cut grinding, double face grinding or precision grinding, and can be used with CBN as well as conventional grinding tools.


                Diskus DDS XR Double Disk Grinding Machine 

Typical of the enthusiastic users of Diskus Double Side Face Grinding Machines is Devises based Cross Manufacturing. For more than 90 years the Cross Manufacturing Company has been involved in the development and manufacturing of high quality products for applications that demand high accuracy and integrity. 

Since the company’s inception Cross products have been associated with many landmark engineering achievements. In the 1940s Cross sealing technologies were making an important contributions to the development of powerful aircraft engines. Cross was also closely involved with significant innovations such as the Olympus turbines used by Concorde and the Pegasus VTO turbine technology developed for the famous Harrier aircraft.

Today, Cross’ reputation for high-quality standards and in-depth expertise within the area of sealing is recognised throughout the world. Cross is able to satisfy many diverse applications across a wide range of industries and works in partnership with the leading global manufacturers in the aerospace, power generation, automotive and associated industries, delivering first-class technical solutions to the demands of high performance engineering disciplines.

As the world's leading supplier of automotive turbocharger sealing rings, with annual production running into tens of millions of units, with the help of its collection of Diskus Double Side Face Grinding Machines, the Cross Manufacturing Company sets the global standard for the production of these critical parts.

To help satisfy the growing demand for its turbocharger sealing ring output, Cross Manufacturing, Devizes recently installed an advanced Diskus DSS 475 XR through-feed grinder that is capable of the mass-production of more than 2000 parts per hour. The new Diskus machine is able to grind parts that have accuracy requirements of 0,002 to 0,020 mm and grinding sizes from 1,0 to 20 mm

Cross Manufacturing’s new Diskus DDS 457 XR has an FEM-designed machine base giving high axial and bending rigidity. Two vertical grinding motor-spindles, mounted on preloaded slide rails, provide infinitely variable grinding speeds of up to 63 m/s and infinitely variable grinding wheel infeed. In addition, the machine has electronic sound control for wheel contact and 3 free accessible tilting points.

Two temperature stabilised grinding motor-spindles give infinitely variable rotational speeds, enabling the precise adjustment of grinding wheel speeds in relation to prevailing workpiece conditions. Efficient through-spindle coolant is provided, whilst the grinding spindle bearings are preloaded and contain lifetime grease lubrication.

Designed to provide easy maintenance, the DDS 457 XR’s dresser unit also has infinitely variable feeds and speeds features. A fully enclosed working area and a logical control system facilitate ease of operation, short change over times between jobs and the simple connection and loading/unloading of devices.

The use of a Siemens, Safety Integrated, 840D control system permits easy changeover of control parameters to meet every production requirement, whilst the use of a high quality Siemens monitor enables all data and parameters to be clearly displayed.

Unique to Diskus, the DDS 457 XR benefits from the renowned Diskus developed Ionic measuring device. The use of the innovative Ionic system guarantees the highest production accuracies. By the use of extremely precise measuring probes that are in direct contact with the workpieces instant sub micron operator feedback is provided. 


                                                                                                                                  Diskus DDS Machine 

Commenting on the company’s recent Diskus acquisition, Nick Lambert, Cross Manufacturing, Devizes,Production Manager enthused. “As we mass-produce very accurate automotive parts, we are obliged to supply comprehensive SPC data to our customers. An essential element of providing these statistics and establishing our process control parameters is determining our Machine Tool capability. As our highly productive ‘workhorses’, our DiskusMachine Tools score extremely high in this area and consistently provide impressive volumes of high precision turbocharger sealing rings.

“When compared to alternative grinding methods, the synchronized grinding of both sides of a part with the use of our Diskus Machines gives us far greater control of flatness, dimensional tolerances and parallelism. In addition we are able to achieve outstanding surface finish results. 

“When the need recently arose to further increase our output, the outstanding performance and reliability of our previous Diskus Machines ensured that we remained loyal to the brand. Now installed and working to full capacity our latest DDS 457 XR machine is making a significant contribution to our production of our high precision turbocharger sealing rings.”